❁ Instagram

KIIIIIIIIIIIIING! Instragram is my top favourite app of all times, it's the first app I look at when I wake up and the last one I check before going to bed.
I love the fact that you can share pictures with your friends, of you, what you do, what you like and follow people who inspire you the most. Plus, you now get the chance to share stories...I'm a pure fan.

In case you are wondering, here is mine: thatsomarj

❁ Wattpad/Radish

If you have read my other articles, then you know how much I love reading and how much I love english language. This app helped me improve my english and enjoy reading stories...it's a win win.

As for Radish, I have downloaded two month-ish ago? And it became one of my favourite apps as Wattpad. I chose to put both of them together since it has the same goal and same use.

❁ We heart it

Here we goooooooo. I love the fact that it's different from instagram but that you use we heart it for instagram. I love photography, sharing things with people and...should I say that I have always wanted to create my own blog but never did? I'm kind of anxious it wouldn't work...So this app is a good way for me to share pictures, write articles without having to worry about a whole blog.

❁ Twitter

I used to be a pure fan of it but got kind of tired of it? I don't check it everyday anymore more but still happen to have my fan account (belieber) active and check it and post things a few times in a week.

❁ Shazam

I actually have discovered this app very recently but this is insane! and so helpful. I mean, I always wonder which song I'm hearing, wherever it is...like, on the radio at a party, or advising! This made my life!