Hey beauties! I hope you are enjoying your Wednesday. Today’s topic is kinda random topic but bear with me. I hope you enjoy it and are able to gain some insight.

Friends With Benefits… This a widely used term in this day and age so I do not need to give you a definition. I guess a better explanation would be, what is the point of a friends with benefits.
Many people get friends with benefits for many reasons. In these Modern times, not everyone is looking for a relationship. Or maybe you are looking for a relationship but until you find someone you want to have sex. There is nothing wrong with that. So here are a few tips/advice for your next FWB or current.


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With any relationship, there should be communication. Let the other person know what you are looking for and what you want. It is better to be clear about this in the beginning than get your feelings hurt later on. A lot of girls/guys are maybe afraid to ask someone the question “where is this going”. Do not be. I prefer to be blunt than to overthink constantly.

Do Not Settle for Less

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This goes hand and hand with the first piece of advice. If the person you are considering having a friends with benefits relationship with does not share the same expectations or goals for the relationship do not continue the relationship. If you do, you will not be fulfilled and eventually the relationship will fall apart. If you want more than sex and they do not, do not continue having sex with them.They will not just randomly come around. You will only hurt yourself in the end and you do not deserve that. Be upfront with what you are looking for. If it does not match up, move on.

Every Relationship is Different

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There are obvious similarities in friends with benefits relationships and there are obvious differences. So if you have friends who are in friends with benefits relationships, do not compare them to yours. Maybe they go out more than you and your FWB, or maybe they seem to have a better connection. Do not let this dishearten you. If you are upfront with what you want in the beginning you may be able to have this ideal relationship. You also have to remember that not every relationship is perfect. They take work just like anything else.

Sometimes they Do NOT Work

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You can put as much work as possible and it can still fail. You can communicate and communicate but it still not work out. This is life and it does not always work like we would like it to. Sometimes the blame cannot be put on yourself or the person. Maybe you do not match what they are looking for. Sometimes there is not that spark and it just dies. Sometimes people change and what they want changes as well. Once again, its life and shit happens. You can only do your best.

Continue Getting to Know Them

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If you want your friendship to grow stronger, talk, learn, and get to know them more. Every relationship can grow. To my emotional people, if you are scared of catching feelings, you may want to be careful before entering the relationship in the first place. Do not torture yourself trying to make others happy. When you get to know people the intimacy gets better. Remember, it is still a friendship.

It’s not all about sex

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This is entirely up to you and your friend. You may want to hang out and just talk. Some people like having a cutie to join them at events. For me personally, I love to hang out and go on dates with people. So when I “interview” my friends with benefits, I make it obvious I am not looking for casual sex.I am looking for a friendly connection.

Try, Try, Again

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These relationships are not perfect. Do not give up because some asshole lied to you or because you can not find someone who meets your standards. You never know who can become your FWB. They can be sitting right next to you in class. It could be someone you have known for a long time.

I hope you enjoyed this article. I hope you can implement this advice into your FWB relationships. Like I said earlier, everyone has different perspective on this topic. If you have any question you can totally message me


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