Hey Guys so this is the what l eat I in a day challenge. l have seen this all over youtube and decided to try it out as an article.
Hope you enjoy!

So for breakfast l usually have a piece of toast or eggs or yogurt with berries and cereal, it really depends how hungry l am.

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For a mid morning snack l usually have some fruit (or vegetables) and some chocolate or lollies.

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For lunch l normally have a homemade tuna burrito, (low key everything is homemade), an egg toast or two minute noodles. ( or ramen for anyone who say that)

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After a long day l usually have a small snack at about 3:00 which consists of a few crackers or cucumber and strawberries.

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Dinner: For dinner l have very different dinners each night so I'm just going to share 3 of my favs'. l love spaghetti, chicken pasta and homemade pizza.

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l normally don't have dessert but if l do l'll have a hot chocolate or some homemade cake or cookie.

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Thank you for finish this article and make sure to give it a heart and BYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!