some k-dramas I recently watched and really really enjoyed :)

scarlet heart: ryeo

iu, moon lovers, and scarlet heart ryeo image scarlet heart ryeo, kdrama, and iu image kdrama, iu, and moon lovers image seohyun, woohee, and namjoohyuk image
this drama made me laugh and cry. a girl traveled back in time to the Goryeo era and found herself caught up between 7 princes. i think this might be the best drama i've enjoyed so far, and also the cast and clothes are really beautiful.

criminal minds

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this is based on the US tv series with the same name. it follows a group of profilers solving crimes. really kept me on the edge of my seat.

bride of the water god

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a narcissistic water god got sent off to the world in order to be the next king in the kingdom. he struggles as he doesn't know anything about the human world and things get even worse when other gods show up. this drama made me laugh out loud several times, and it's such a cute light-hearted, romantic/comedy drama.

great seducer

joy, kpop, and red velvet image moon gayoung image tempted, woo do hwan, and the great seducer image kdrama and tempted image
this is an ongoing drama i'm currently watching, i hate to wait every week for new episodes but i guess this drama is an exception. in a group of 3 best friends, a guy seduces a 'target' to make their lives miserable, until he finally falls for the girl he's trying to seduce. it really reminds me of Gossip Girl, and i'm really enjoying it. the drama also focuses on the adults' problems and relationships


so that's all the dramas i've watched/am currently watching. I know it's not that much as i'm really busy trying to keep up with uni right now :( buttttt i really can't wait to watch more dramas, my list is piling up like crazy! hopefully next semester won't be that busy (as if..)

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okay byeeee ♡