Hiii! 🔮 Today I want to inagurate a serie about gods I study history at university so I adore these topics. The Egyptian Gods are many so I'm going to write three articles about them 🌄
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Her body is part lion, hippopotamus and crocodile. She eats the hearts of the guilty dead.


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His name means 'the one who's hide' and he became the king of gods Amun-Ra.


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God with a dog-head, he is he guardian of the dead.


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God creator, as Ra, known as 'the one who generated himself'.


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God dwarf, protects the house and pregnant women.


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He personify the Earth and he is painted as a man with green skin.


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Represented as a hawk, he is the son of Isis and Osiris. Horus is the god in which every pharaoh identify himself.


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Goddess of magic, she created the first mummy and gave birth to Horus.
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