Hey guys.

I just started graphic design and I'm happy about it. I've always wanted to go into the field of designs and come up with typographic images and writings.

My favourite topic is calligraphy, typography , book design and logo. I like using my hands to get creative. Art is part of Graphic Design...you've got to be creative to reach your goal to be a designer.

Top tips to becoming a designer:
Hard work
Illustrative mind

It's almost like writing an article but you've got to use your hands to get the work in the graphic field.

What are the top tools to use for graphic design:
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe illustrator
Corel Draw
Font Manager

What are the skills a graphic designer could learn:

Logo design
Book designer
Magazine Designer

This work requires you to THINK!!

I've been doing logo designing for the last week and I've got so much to learn from designing. I've learn that you've got to keep designing everyday. Youve got to remind yourself of simple concepts.

I love to be unique. Designs and Photography are my middle name. So if you want to start designing see it from the heart.....