Honestly, I don't have an idea.

SO I am on we heart it for a bigger couple of years now, always wanting to post something, but I knew my friends are following me, and although they don't visit WHI anymore, I knew they could come back anytime, just look at my feed and they'd know and they could judge.

So I created a new account. You know my self-esteem and my confidence it's something that went so wrong somewhere in my life. I remember I was talking to boys in my primary school, doing stuff they liked and I didn't care about that fact girls considered me weird and boys didn't want my company.

And then something changed. Right now I can't wear anything I know my classmates won't like, I am reading and listening to stuff they like, cause always I show interest in something they don't like I got judged so hard. And that's something I cannot stand.

It's true this kinda goes hand in hand with my mental issues and I always think about it as my mistake, but the other day I thought, maybe it's also their fault when they cannot accept me with my mistakes. But do you know how much I'd love to tell them that I am still in love with fantasy books, that I can't stand metal because it causes me little panic attacks and that I really don't want to grow up?

Now I wrote it here and yop, I fell much better because I don't have to interact with you guys 5 days a week and you don't care about one crazy girl writing an article here. You have our own lives and I hope, you can live them the fullest and that you have a good day.

marina ♡