When people ask how Iโ€™m doing

I want to say,

my depression is an angry deity, a jealous god,
a thirsty shadow that wrings my joy like a dishrag and makes juice out of my smile.

I want to say,

getting out of bed has become a magic trick.
and Iโ€™m probably the worst magician I know

I want to say,

this sadness is the only clean shirt I have left
and my washing machine has been broken for months,

but Iโ€™d rather not ruin someoneโ€™s day with my tragic honesty so instead I treat my face like a pumpkin.

I pretend itโ€™s Halloween.
I carve it into something acceptable.
I laugh and say,

โ€œIโ€™m doing alright.โ€

-rudyfrancisco โ€˜heliumโ€™

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