hey all, so today I’m coming at you with another article, hope you guys enjoy this one, today’s article is my productive morning routine….

girl, winter, and christmas image bed, big, and city image
wake up
aesthetic, green, and theme image Image removed
check phone
aesthetic, candle, and Cookies image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
put on the jams - check out my recent article for my chill & study playlist
bed, interior, and pillow image Image by inspiration
make my bed
girl, shadow, and tumblr image sky, sunset, and window image
open blinds
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
drink some lemon water
aesthetic, black, and books image Temporarily removed
go onto my laptop and check emails
nutella, strawberry, and food image blueberries, bowl, and chia seeds image
eat some breakfast (either yoghurt & granola or toast w/ vegemite)
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
start studying and tackle my to-do list

I hope you all enjoyed this article, i hope this…. 

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