I don't know about y'all but throughout my life, music has been a lifesaver for me. Literally. The power of music has genuinely helped me become a better person, a happier individual, and a creative thinker. Today, I decided to share with you guys 10 (12) albums that you must listen to ONCE in your lifetime with no skipping. To make this a bit fair since I always see these lists with old albums, I picked albums from the last 10 years that have spiritually lifted me and, in MY opinion, are modern classics that are often overlooked. Hope y'all enjoy!

  • Currents/Lonerism - Tame Impala
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Tame Impala is a movement. No questions asked. I did a slash here because both of these albums are amazing and it just depends on your mood to see which album speaks to you at that moment. Currents is mostly about embracing change and learning from your past, with ties to powerful messages about love and society. Lonerism is about embodying your feeling of isolation, even in a crowded room, and going through your cluster of thoughts at that moment. Two completely different concepts, each giving you multiple eargasms per listen.
  • Another One - Mac DeMarco
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Mac DeMarco is...complex. There is not one statement to even DESCRIBE him. And in terms of albums, Mac is a MASTER at providing imagery. But in Another One, Mac takes us through possibly one of his important relationships where time and time again makes listeners cry as his heart constantly gets broken by this one individual who has stolen his heart. If you are currently going through a rocky point in your life or just want to cry, this is for you. Bonus points if you also listen to the demo album for Another One.
  • Melodrama/Pure Heroine - Lorde
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Everyone knows Lorde for "Royals". But have you listened to her albums? Lorde is a talented writer and I can even decide which of her 2 albums is better: the dramatic and sorrowful 'Melodrama' of a 17 to 21 year old's love life or the soothing and free-spirited 'Pure Heroine' of a young teen's first time embracing her true self for the first time. Either way, you should listen to BOTH and decide for yourself.
  • The Incredible True Story - Logic
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Logic has always been my go to person to relieve my pain. His way with words motivate and inspire me. In TITS (yes i KNOW ok), you feel you're floating on air and getting dragged to this parallel universe that just makes you wanna fall in love with this album over and over again. Bonus points if you listen to this at 3 AM.
  • CTRL - SZA
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CTRL is SZA's journey through her 20s and how she handles her difficult love life, social life, and work life in one go. With pleasing R&B sounds, you just can't get enough of SZA's voice and story.
  • Beyoncé- Beyoncé
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Beyoncé. I don't need to explain this. (and NO Lemonade is not her best album, it's her second best behind her self titled)
  • Unorthodox Jukebox - Bruno Mars
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Bruno's arguably best album takes you to a troubled man in his 20s trying to balance his new found fame with his love life and social status. The mix of genres perfectly blends together and is a must listen from start to finish.
  • Girlhood, la bande originale de Bande de Filles - Para One
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This film soundtrack to back up the French documentary/art film Girlhood (which you should watch btw) is full of sonic alternative film scores that just is perfection. Your emotions WILL be affected even without lyrics, a task only few can accomplish these days.
  • Channel Orange - Frank Ocean
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At this point, I don't think I need to explain this album OR Frank Ocean either.
  • Prism - Katy Perry
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I know what you are thinking. "Katy Perry makes bubblegum pop" HOWEVER, I'm going to leave this blank and challenge you to 1) listen to the entire album from start to finish and 2) read and decipher the lyrics for all the songs on this album. Have at it, maybe some of you will realize why I put her. And no this is NOT bias from a Katycat, I genuinely think this is a top 10 album.

Thank you for reading!

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