You start to fall deeper and deeper into the abyss. A pitch black hole that you keep falling into. Then eventually images start to rap around you, memories good and bad. I want to forget. I want to forget so much. Feelings start to squeeze you like a cobra squeezes its prey. Escaping isn't an option.

Why are thoughts so deadly? Why are feelings just as grave? Sometimes I wonder how life would be if I could wipe it all away. All the sorrow. All the pain. Just gone. Thoughts and feelings together is a deadly concoction. There's a few things in life that ease me away from this graveyard. It's ironic actually. People can destroy you, yet being with that one person blocks all the negative energy away.

However, that person usually doesn't stick around very long. Eventually you're thrown back into that lonely thought graveyard. There's graves beyond your sight. Any dream or reminiscence that died shows up there. You can walk through and read all the graves, but you only mourn a few. Some you feel remorse and sadness then at others you feel nothing.

Friendships can also rest here. The names of past relationships lay, some screaming in agony. Others silent as can be. Guilt can easily overcome you in such circumstances. You ask yourself why this happened, but you never get an answer.

Oh thought graveyard. How can I escape you? The thing is, you can leave whenever you want, but it's too addicting to withdraw from.