I was actually kind of proud about this one. Feel free to message me about what you think it's about or if there's any constructive criticism:

What do you see?

You see wrong where I see right
You see ugliness where I see light
You see grey and I see color

A multitude of colors
Big and bright and all around the sky

A cloudy sky where all of my demons hide
'Cuz even though I see right it's hard feeling right

Sometimes it's hard to see the colors from where I'm hiding
Having that fear
Knowing all too well I identify with them

But sometimes
I see the immense beautiful colors when I dare take a peek from a distance

I see them shining in all their glory right where you least expect them
Or maybe exactly where you expect them
Right in the middle of everything
And loud
And happy

And I just think

When will I ever be happy?
When will I ever have the courage to see the colors up close?