hello guys! i've been thinking that i haven't really talked about myself or really personal stuff on any of my articles so i'm making this one to tell you some facts about myself and pretty much talk about me. yay. enjoy my awkward self.

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1. you can literally see this on my profile but my name is mariana. in french it translates to marianne and i think it's beautiful

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2. i'm 15 years old and my birthday is on june 12.

3. i'm actually really good at school. of course i need to study and make a little effort but i find it easy most of the time.

4. i drink a cup of coffee every single morning since im like 12. if i don't do it i just never wake up.

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extra: i really loved everything sucks.

5. music is my everything. i listen to it all day, i sing all day and i play 3 instruments. one day you can see me listening to r&b and rap and the next is all about alternative rock.

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6. i like boys and girlsss :)

7. i'm a veeery sensitive person, so i feel a lot and lots of stuff at the same time.

8. i love reading. i used to read like 24/7 but i don't really have time anymore so i do it when i can. my favorite books are all related to shadowhunters.

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9. it's been 7 months and im not over my ex boyfriend, he has a girlfriend and somehow i still think we may get back together, please get some sense into me.

10. i wear glasses all the time cause im almost blind and my hair is literally as short as this:

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i love wearing red lipstick

11. i own a cat and his name is newton han solo :)

12. my mom and i have a cool friendship and i have an obnoxious 10 year old brother.

13. i wish i could go to italy and spain and also more art museums.

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14. besides writing articles i love writing stories and also some songs. i get inspired really easily.

15. im mexican so spanish is my main language but my mom taught me english since i was a baby and that's why im good at it.

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that's all i have for today, hope i didn't bore you :) thanks so much for reading and being interested in me i guess.

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bye xx