hey guys, so i kinda wanted to go over some of my problems i'm facing at school, currently. so yeah if you don't want to hear me rant, now would be the time to exit

anyway so recently i came back to california from texas, I started coughing a lot and well this lasted for about four months, i finally went to the doctor's and got diagnosed with asthma

so there i was at a new school, with asthma and hella stress on my shoulders. i told myself that i would walk in there confidently as if i actually gone there previously as a disguise and so that i wouldn't be an easy target.

and well new state and new school, you can imagine how i was. i was a total wreck, sweaty palms as i walked down the hallways. anyway the sweating to this day has not vanished and that's because i have hyperhidrosis, which happens when you have excessive sweating and depending on the environment/ situation anything can trigger you to start sweating a lot. this is not something i talk about to my friends and some family members since i'm ashamed of it. so much so that when my friends try to shake my hand, i have to act stuck up and reject their offer, so that really sucks. and you can already imagine what a struggle it is to pick out my clothes since i also sweat from my armpits. yeah, gross, i know.

this one time at school i had both an asthma attack and anxiety attack, so i got picked up from school early. both my anxiety and asthma as well as other problems i've faced throughout this challenging school year have made me really consider going into some sort of home school program. of course, i'd still be at school and with them but mostly i'd be at home. lately, as i've also encountered with gastritis, i've sat in my room in agony actually thinking about how much i can actually handle

i guess i mostly blamed myself for all of these health problems i've had, except for hyperhidrosis since apparently i've had it since birth and it really sucks since i can't wear what i want to school, i also delay on my school work because of it. but i'm getting off topic. but if not for returning to california i would have never have had the opportunity to watch my niece grow up, i would have distance myself from my family a lot more and with that grow into deep depression (with great grades, though). and i wouldn't have met my friend from elementary again much less found out about my second life.

i think that's all for now, and if you had the guts to even get through all of this then thank you so much!