Well, here I am, changing my life. How? I don't really know. Today wasn't a bad day. In fact, it was quite well-rounded and productive, and my time management improved much compared to yesterday. Still, I'm asking myself "What now?" I was right in saying on Day 1 that writing about my peregrination would cause me to think a little more about just how I am going to go about this.

This was yesterday, day 1 :)

I think my next plan of action is to actually make a plan. I need goals. Short-term, long-term, all that jazz. I am not exactly sure on how to go about making these goals, but I did watch a video a few months ago that was quite good, and I think I'll start there.

I'm sorry if it's not the best, I haven't seen the video itself in a while. If you have any other curriculum, I'm all ears. :) But I do watch Project Life Mastery's other videos, and find them to be thorough and helpful. I highly suggest checking him out, he was a huge inspiration for the start of my morning rituals.

breakfast, english, and morning image
bible, book, and coffee image

So folks, this is the next step. If this inspires you to go out and create your own list of dreams, or maybe even something as simple as a bucket list, please go ahead and let me know! I will continue to work on my own goals and have an article posted about my them hopefully soon. Until then, I'll continue to post daily if possible.

Day Recap:

  • woke up on time at 6am
  • morning rituals
  • did Chemistry
  • ran errands with the family (gotta love Costco :P)
  • went to Spanish 3 class
  • went to guitar practice
  • had a horse back riding lesson
  • finished school
  • ate dinner
  • read The Lord of the Flies for Brit Lit
  • watched an episode of When Calls the Heart
  • got ready for bed

Did I do what I said yesterday I would do? Yes, I barely watched any Youtube today at all, and when I did, I was simultaneously doing something productive.
How did I fail today? I didn't go to bed on time. (already know this because it's already past my self-inflicted bedtime)
How did I succeed today? I was productive even after being away from home most of the day, which is usually a struggle.
Tomorrow I will: Be kind and charismatic to the people I see tomorrow at the event I'm attending.

Again, please continue to have patience with me as I figure out how I want to format these articles! The writing topics themselves even may change. Thanks for reading in the midst of a construction zone!

Um bye.