First of all, I owe y'all an update from the previous article. Soooo I told my parents, well technically, I only told my mum and she was surprisingly cool with it.

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Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on myself. Instead, amend my mistakes and take things on my pace.

In fact, she encouraged me to work 10 times harder and strive for a better grade this time. Then, she told my dad and we had a pretty serious chat but it was fine though I can tell he's very disappointed. Definitely working extra harder this semester.

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We all make mistakes. What's important is that we try to fix it and we never stop trying. Don't ever give up on yourself ❅

I hope all this effort pays off at the end of the semester. * fingers crossed *

Anyway enough with the depressing stuffs,

Lets talk about hobbies ♥

Imo, hobbies are activities you actually enjoy and a huge stress reliever . Its not an obligation of any sort. Don't ever force yourself to get a hobby. Lol. Overall, a hobby is basically something you love to do.

Painting and Drawing

When I was a kid, my parents signed me up for art classes. I remember looking forward for the art classes every week because how can I not? ITS FUN Although I haven't actually painted anything for the last few decades, In contrary, I'm don't draw well.

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It'll take me forever to draw detailed artworks like these...

Hmmmm not sure if both skills should go hand in hand. Anyway, my fav are watercolour paintings and here are few that took my breath away,

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Maybe I should attempt few during the break ✯


Music is life. I listened to music before dozing off into la la land and pretty sure I'm not the only one.Music was there to comfort me during tough times and lighten the mood when I was hella excited.

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I love all sorts of music genre. I think there's beauty in every song written. Its even better when the lyrics are relatable, it helps connecting our souls to every rhythm and beat.
I like creating playlists and I'm always searching for songs to add in my collection. Fun fact, I was putting Madison Beer's Home With You on repeat while typing this. Its so good. Gonna share some of my favs with y'all soon!

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Taylor Swift - Delicate
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Maggie Lindemann - Obsessed
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Gnash - Broken Hearts Club

↬ Reading

I read a book every night before bed. It sort of became a habit over the years. I love books from Wattpad. Some of them are legit MVPs . Y'all should check it out.

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Kinda addicted to the smell of books...

Personally, I love teen fiction, mystery, fantasy, romance, vampires and werewolves. I guess the beauty of reading is the ability of the author to make you immerse yourself in the characters' feelings. Besides, books made me shed more tears than movies ever will. LOL. Am I the only one? Not to mention. you get amazing quotes from books.
Here are some quotes extracted from John Green's books,

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Can I just say those are legit #RELATABLE af !!!

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I like cooking alot, not that my dish tastes splendid, at least its edible. HHAHA My favourite food of all time had to be spaghetti. It is by far the most common dish I've cooked.

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P/s : If you've managed to read all that, your patience is highly appreciated. I hope y'all enjoyed it. Anyway, virtual hugs for everyone ♥ ♥ ♥

Have a nice day !!!

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