🌟. You wake up some mornings to fight the same demons that left you so tired the night before --- and that; my friend ; is bravery.

🌟.You are worth so much more than you think and you deserve to be cared for – so please try and care about yourself and think of yourself whenever you are able.

🌟. You have taken care of yourself and fought alongside yourself all the way up until now; you are your own nurturer and best friend, so any discouraging voices of people who try to make you feel bad are unimportant as are the ones that may come from yourself sometimes - you are your own champion.

🌟. Your smile is a sight that makes me so happy – I hope that you are able to smile again soon, but If not ; please know that it’s going to be okay, and that when you do smile. I hope you are smiling because you are so happy as well; you deserve that.

🌟. Life can get rough sometimes; it can seem like sadness never ends - but bad moments are only moments; they don’t last forever - so please try your best to keep looking for the small positives in life: you can do it, you are an awesome; amazing and wonderful person who deserves to smile and have happy days.

🌟. Its okay if you cannot confront the things you are scared of right now; or the things that cause you to panic - please try your best to not let anyone tell you that you just need to confront it right now for it to get better; go at your own pace; take all the time you need - please try your best to not put yourself down for it like take small steps to overcome it and reach your goal: if you can‘t, there are always other options and taking a different path is not the end of the world.

🌟. You matter - it may not seem like it; but there is always someone who cares like whether it is yourself; a friend; a family member -- or even an acquaintance, they care; so please like remember that you do matter; even when you think you don’t.

🌟. You are enough; even when you feel like you are not doing your best, you are so enough; even when you feel like you can’t do anything at that moment -- you are enough - please try your best to not expect too much of yourself and be proud of what you have achieved; you are an amazing person and Iam proud of you.

🌟. You aren’t your grades - your mental; physical; and emotional health are more important than school; please try your best to remember to take a break if you need to.

🌟. Its okay to leave a situation you are not happy in - your happiness comes first; you come first; you are strong and you have so much support without that situation, Its going to be okay.

🌟. No matter what your current struggle is; Iam proud of you. Like -- please try your best to be proud of yourself too - you lived through another day and stayed strong.

🌟. Even if you are taking two steps forward and one step back; you are still making progress; it might feel like those steps forward are only small, and the fall backwards is a leap but that’s not the case – please try your best to not be so hard on yourself; whenever you are able.

🌟. Simple positive words may feel trivial; but please know that they are the opposite – every small bit of positivity matters; so please try your best to believe in them -- and believe in yourself too.

🌟. You are going to have off days; you are going to have roller-coaster days; you are going to stumble through some days while you shine through others – no matter what Iam so proud of you because you are getting through them; you are here; you are trying; you are making steps forward and I promise you that things will get better.

🌟. Sometimes you cannot smile or put on a brave face; and that is completely okay - move at your own speed and give yourself a break when you need it; you don’t need to be happy all of the time; its going to be okay.

🌟. You deserve happiness whether you think so or not; you deserve food; you deserve water; you deserve sleep - please try your best believe that.

🌟. Its okay to want attention; if you just want to feel loved - have contact or just not be alone right now; its not a bad thing to want to interact with others and its not a bad thing to feel the complete opposite - please just try your best to do what makes you and the people around you comfortable.

🌟. Just as the trees grow new leaves after winter; you aren’t over - you have been through pain and hurt but you aren’t over' because with every dying plant of the past comes a seed just beginning to sprout and you will grow again.

🌟. Your days might go up and down; and no matter whether they end on that high note or low note - please try your best to remember those positive things in order to bring you happiness; strength and motivation to get through the negative – you have got this.

🌟. Recovery takes time; effort, trial and error and plenty of kindness towards yourself – please try your best to remember that and not be hard on yourself if your path to recovery is a rocky one; you are trying; and that’ is so important.

🌟. If you are feeling nauseous due to anxiety; stress or otherwise please remember to take deep breaths - take small sips of water and eat dry or bland foods, like plain toast or crackers, slowly – you are going to be alright; this sickness will ease.

🌟. You are a wonderful work in progress and that’ Is completely okay – Iam proud of you for every step you ’have taken to work on yourself and figure things out; no matter how big or small.

🌟. Its okay to take time to reflect on where you used to be; whether the place before was better or worse than where you are now; try your best to use those thoughts to be proud of yourself either for how far you’ have come or how you are still making it through – the place you are going is what matters, and even if you don’t know where that is right now, please hold onto hope that it will be okay.

🌟. With each struggle comes a lesson or something that can motivate you to move forward – i know you may not see that just yet, because you are still catching your breath or still caught in the fight but do know that not giving up is worth it and it’s going to get better.

🌟. You deserve happiness; so please try your best to celebrate every little smile today; I know its not easy but please remember; in times when you can’t smile -- that you will be able to again soon - you are so strong and Iam proud of you for trying.

🌟. Its terrifying to try something new or to try something for the first time, but please know that you truly don’t know how something is going to go until you try – I know that nervousness can get the better of you sometimes, and that you think that you can’t but if that thing is something that you want to do; please try your best to take that step, when you can; you can do it -- I believe in you.

🌟. Hey; you -- yes; you - please try your best to remember that you are able to succeed; you deserve to take breaks and you may make a few step backwards, but the road to success is very seldom straight, the twist and turns make you wiser and stronger, and the end goal is not the only one worth celebrating: celebrate every victory you can and no matter if it is visible to only you.

🌟. You are loved and looked up to by so many - your life has worth.

🌟. Figuring out what you want to do and who you want to be can be really difficult – please try your best to not rush; and to be easy on yourself during that process.

🌟. To anyone who has done something out of their comfort zone recently; Iam so proud of you for getting through that – to those that haven’t, Iam proud of you too and please know that if that’s something you had like to do; you can and I believe in you.

🌟. Self-doubt is hard; especially when it causes you to second guess every single thing you say, and every single thing that you do - please know as cliche as it sounds, that you can get through this, you are fantastic; you are a great person and a good friend; please try your best to not be so hard on yourself whenever you are able.

🌟. There is nothing wrong with showing how much you care for your friends - your heart is full and that’s wonderful and i’m sure that they are just as glad to have you in their life as you are to have them in yours.

🌟. If you are a creator: it doesn’t matter that there are a lot of other people in the area you’re interested in, you are not less talented than them, it also doesn’t mean that you have no place there - creativity is not a competition - there are billions of stars and flowers but not a single one of them doubt their right to be among others, they just shine and bloom in their own unique way; so please try your best to let yourself shine and bloom; there are people who need that thing that only you can offer and one of them is you, there are people who will love your creations; so please - whenever you are able; try your best to not doubt yourself and your abilities.

🌟. The sun rises every morning to see you, the moon rises every night to guard you while you’re sleeping - they are here, through all of your struggles; even the clouds, in their jealousy of how often the sun and moon get to see you, block them so that they may spend time with you; too: they are here -- they have seen you through your struggles and hardships, and they care for you.

🌟. You are loved. You make the world a more beautiful place.

🌟. Sometimes when you are in a dark place; you think you are buried but actually you were planted - some plants might take longer than others but no matter what; you too can come out from a dark time and flourish.

🌟. Your grades do not define you as a person - you can be amazingly talented or skilled or kind and compassionate; or inspiring, or everything else -- but not academically inclined, and that’s okay; that does not change your worth or change how great you are; so please keep trying your best.

🌟. There is light within you and hope and peace - even when all around you see only the darkness and strife; you can shine on.