holis, bellezas, it's cher...or blue...or mel, whichever you prefer ;).
i hope you're all having an awesome day and if you're not, i wish you the absolute best.
today's article is my name in cities. now, everyone has been doing this for a while and i wanted to and had thought about doing it as well, but i just...didn't, lol. that's my big explanation. anyway, without further ado, let's get to it.

this time, i will be using my three nicknames:

1. Blue

aesthetics, berlin, and indie image dome, berlin, and berlinekranz image berlin, travel, and architecture image Temporarily removed
B is for Berlin
Temporarily removed casino, club, and Las Vegas image Las Vegas image Temporarily removed
L is for Las Vegas
london, Big Ben, and city image london, sherlock, and sherlock holmes image city, light, and airplane image london, city, and red image
U is for UK (not a city, ik, but Union City was not found on WHI)
edmonton image Alberta, canada, and edmonton image Alberta, canada, and city image canada, carnival, and fun image
E is for Edmonton elk grove encinitas

2. Cher

Image removed Image removed egypt, old, and travel image cairo, egypt, and travel image
C is for Cairo
germany and hamburg image Temporarily removed Image removed hamburg, tumblr, and abend image
H is for Hamburg
black nail polish, road, and sign image Image removed encinitas image Image removed
E is for Encinitas
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed rio and brazil image Temporarily removed
R is for Rio

3. Mel

india, sunset, and mumbai image mumbai, rain, and beautiful city image Temporarily removed architecture, city, and mumbai image
M is for Mumbai
church, magic, and moonlight image Image by Ana Paula Horta city, architecture, and photography image beautiful, classy, and edinburgh image
E is for Edinburgh
city, los angeles, and california image Temporarily removed city, light, and la image beautiful, downtown, and la image
L is for Los Angeles