Have you noticed that you are so worried about this when you are really connected with it?

It started to bother me, because it was always something "easy to be healed" that was not something that was essential to full attention. Until 4 years ago I started to feel it on the skin. I would give anything to go back with what I had talked about and discussed and argued with a lot of things that cared about something "so silly"!

Depression doesn’t work like this, it's not just you saying, "I don’t want to have depression anymore" and # BAM , it disappears. No. The Depression is much more about it, as is Obesity (which I have also had), as well as Anxiety (which after many years I was cured), such as Anorexia, Bipolarity, Bulemia, TOC and several others not mentioned but so equally important. They don’t go out of nowhere, because they aren’t built from scratch, there is a whole process made for them to reach where they have come and to 'disappear'.

The usual phrase "this is drama!" Breaks everything, all concepts, hearts and forces to try to improve. Before having these problems was just a drama, a little joke. These problems are real people! And affect all kinds of people, ethnicity, race, belief. ALL.

HEY. Your problem is not and will never be a 'DRAMA'
  • To conclude, I wanted to say that I created my second WHY with the intention of helping people and also spreading my faith. Get to know you more. And no, I did not believe it with the intention of forcing you to love the same God that I love and that dwells in me, but so that some of his words, and mine and some loose sentences on the internet, can make you open the eye to see that there is much more out there and that you do not have to give up now just because something has not worked, just because you are still depressive or obese or anorexic or bipolar anyway! Do not let this make you give up on your goal!

I really wanted to know a bit more about the history of my followers just to know how I can help and IF I can help (if you leave me or want my help). If you feel that this will be too much then just send me a "HI" so I know I'm not alone in this.

I really hope you don't ignore it and think it's silly
  • P.S: If my English is too bad, forgive me! But I'm Brazilian, I speak Portuguese and I'm depending on Google Translator to help me