hey guys! so this is my first article and I'll be listing the places that I've dreamed about traveling to. I have such a strong desire to travel and I can't wait to see these places one day. I hope you enjoy and maybe get some inspiration for the places you'll want to travel to also!

1: bora bora

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bora bora is honestly one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen! I think I want to go there more than any of the other places!

2: hawaii

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this one is kinda obvious because I'm pretty sure almost everyone wants to go to hawaii but it's SO beautiful and I've been wanting to go there since I was little!

3: paros

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paros is a GORGEOUS island in greece! There's so much nature and just pure beauty everywhere and I think it would be amazing to travel to!

4: new york

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I've been wanting to go to new york for so many years! It seems like such a fun place to go and there's so many places to visit there which is great!

5: thailand

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It's so beautiful here and if you can't tell I'm like in love which the ocean and beaches so I would LOVE thailand.

6: salar de uyuni

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all I can say is WOW. salar de uyuni is so incredible and everywhere looks so beautiful there!

7: hitachi seaside park

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this place looks so amazing and would look so good in pictures. hitachi seaside park is for sure one of the top places I want to go.

8: paris

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I mean why wouldn't I put paris on here? this is another place that I've been waiting to go to FOREVER. It's so gorgeous!

so that's the end! thank you guys SO much for reading this I really appreciate it! - genna