I never was someone that believed in self love. I had insecurities a mile long and i hated everything about myself. Nobody told me i looked beautiful, nobody told me i was nice and nobody ever said they liked me. I grew up being told the opposite, kids used to call me names and i got bullied everyday. You know that saying when your told something enough you start believe what they say well that's exactly what happened. I started to believe that i was weird, ugly, annoying the list goes on. For years i believed this about myself, even my friends said it about me. My friends use to tell me I would never find love because nobody could love me and i believed them. I was afraid to be myself in case i was going to be made fun of, i hated myself. I felt so alone, like i had no one to talk to. It was a very dark time and i never thought i would be happy. Until my real friends helped me. They showed me being yourself is the most important thing and as long as your who you are it doesn't matter what anybody else thinks. I started to be me and i started to actually like myself. It took me a long time but i'm finally in a place where i love everything about me. I love who i am and i never want to be anybody else. I may be weird, i may be annoying and i may not be the most beautiful face but that's what makes me well me. when you truly love yourself it is the best feeling in the world because you are truly happy. I may not have found love yet, but i know someday someone will love me and right now i'm happy and that's the most important thing. Always remember to be yourself cause life to short to pretend to be somebody else. - GM