He was so caring,
Our first date was in a mall, i remember calling him to let him know that i will be there soon, but he told he was still at home, i was so pissed off, how could he do that for our first date ?

So when i went to the mall, i was with our common friend, and we went downstairs to wait for him. I turned my head, then i saw him with a huge smile on his face waiting for me there, i was shocked, i didn’t even had time to take out my mirror and see if i was looking good.

Our eyes met, i shook my head and couldn’t hide my smile then i ran in his arms, he keeped me in his arms for at least 10minutes

We didn’t want to make it awkward for our friend so we sat with him, my hands were shaking like never, i don’t even know why but i couldn’t stop it, maybe because of the excitement. When he saw me shaking, he took my hand and then i put naturally my head on his shoulder, and omg i felt a peace like never before and i still can’t forget this feeling.

We played a bowling game, and it was dark with music, when a love music came he knelt down and told me « Do you wanna be my girl? » and then i literally screamed « YEES YES!! I’m already your girl» and guess what happened after that? We shared our first kiss, a quick one, still unforgettable, after all these days being far from each other, it was a kind of inexplicable relief.

Then he taught me how to play because i played like an ass, he stared at me all long, he grabbed and kissed my hand when ever he could, and i think i will never forget those eyes staring at me as if i was the only thing that matters in his life.

At the end of the day i had to take a taxi to go back home, he waited with me, i kissed him and went into the taxi. I didn’t realize what happened yet, it was like a dream, unfortunately dreams don’t last forever.

That’s it for the second part, i’m on vacation now so i will write the rest as soon as i can and tell you how he introduced me to his mother. Thank you for reading my story, im so happy to share it with you and i didn’t expect you guys to like it that much, again thank you ♥️