"Sometimes I wonder if people understand, act like they didn’t on purpose or just don’t care at all when they hurting me. Cause I am pretty much sure that I scream loud enough for you too hear my pain, but still, you don’t react, you keep going on this bullshit.
And this is specially there that I fell powerless, because I have no control on you and what you doing to me. And even compassion ain’t working on you, it's terrible.
I’m here watching you wrecking me in million of pieces, sometimes you even seems to enjoy it. And when you finish I go back to my « safety place » where I think about how much I wanna make you pay for this.
Often I do forgive and move on but I always think about it, like it’s my punishment for being so weak. And just because I still love you and want things to workout, I start all over again and upgrade my kindness to a new level so that you can be happy with me until you fucked up again, like you always do.

Imma leave, I promise one day Imma leave…"