I sometimes wonder about the "What If".

What would've happened if I had dared to say that one thing I held back? What would've happened if I had been more bold in that one moment?

I then force myself to think there is no way back. Past is past, and it's impossible to change it.


- We may not be able to take words we said back, but we can apologise for ever uttering them.

- We cannot go back in time and fix our mistakes, yet we can work hard in order not to repeat them again.

- We can't bring our loved ones from the dead, but we can keep them in the back of our minds and appreciate every single second we got with them.

- We can't change history and kiss the person who we liked but didn't kiss. We can, though, tell them how much they mean to us.

- We can't be next to someone who is thousands of miles away, but you can tell them you miss them and do your best to reunite one day.

Instead of DAYDREAMING, and WONDERING how our life COULD have been, make it HAPPEN, ACT.