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To define your eyebrows, it is better to start by depilating them, since this way the finish is cleaner, more neat and defined.

•After you have already shaved your eyebrows, you will begin to fill and paint, it is important that you know what tone suits you, it is always better 1 more tone clear thant your hair

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Once you have that part ready, choose what you are going to use to paint your eyebrows OINMENT , SHADOW , PENCIL , or EYEBROW MASK WITH COLOR. Since each one leaves a different finish and it is good to know which is better for your eyebrows, depending if they are bushy or you do not have as much eyebrows.


Image by Mariana Image by Mariana makeup, nails, and beauty image makeup, nails, and anastasia image
it is better that you use a EYEBROW MASK WITH COLOR , just to keep the eyebrows in place and give them a touch of color. there are also eyebrow mask in transparent version. You can also use an OINMENT , to define the edges of the eyebrows And make a look more elaborate, also to fill in blank spaces you have, drawing a few lines simulating hairs. You can blend with a BRUSH FOR THE EYEBROWS


Image by Mariana makeup, nails, and beauty image makeup, nails, and anastasia image Image by Mariana
Use a OINMENT because it can create better the illusion of having a more bushy eyebrow with the technique of hair to hair. For this illusion is better a THINNER EYEBROW PENCIL that you can draw the hairs that you need or fill in blanks with this technique. Also to finish the eyebrow you can add to the previous step EYEBROW MASK WITH COLOR to blur your real hairs with those you drew, so it will look more natural the result.

•Define them in the top and bottom from the middle of the eyebrow until the end. is a trick to achieve a better definition to the eyebrow.

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clean around the eyebrows with a concealer or base, this step are fundamental for a good definition of the eyebrows. blend the concealer carefully the edges of the eyebrows, you can use your brush for the concealer, usually Type tongue and small
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Seal the concealer or base with your translucent powders

I hope you liked it and above all that it has served you❤