Hello guys!
I've seen a lot of lovely inspiration articles going around, with ideas for instagram and social media themes. Today I wanted to define myself and personality, with themes. If you want to do this tag, link my article and username, so I can see!!!

Galaxy, Angst

night, quotes, and stars image moon, stars, and art image Image by 🇦 🇧 🇾 ꪜ aesthetic, beauty, and eyebrows image

Preppy, Vogue

blue, bow, and casual image perfume, dior, and rose gold image blue, indie, and building image dior, pink, and coffee image

Fantasy, Daydreamer

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed escape, escapism, and galaxy image art, drawing, and galaxy image

Girlboss, Broken

Temporarily removed fashion, girl, and style image fitness, girl, and motivation image quotes, destroy, and grunge image

Wanderlust, Nostalgia

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed alright, couple, and heart image