I'll just start right away, I hate long intros! <3

  • Alstroemeria
flores and alstroemeria aurantiaca image flowers, perfection, and summer image
Wealth, Prosperity and Fortune
  • Anemone
anemone, flowers, and nature image flowers, pink, and nature image
  • Daisy
aesthetic, art, and background image blue, people, and spring image
Innocence, Purity, Loyal love and Cheerfulness
  • Gardenia
flowers, gardenia, and pretty image dress, gardenia, and gold image
Sweetness, Secret love and Joy
  • Lilac
flowers, purple, and cup image pink, quotes, and neon image
Confidence and Humility
  • Orchid
flowers, orchid, and white image Temporarily removed
Proud, Glorious femininity, Thoughtfulness and Refinement
  • Peony
aesthetic, bouquet, and flowers image Temporarily removed
Compassion, Shame, Happy life and prosperity

* Rose

clothing, girl, and fashion image Temporarily removed
Unconscious beauty, Friendship, Gentleness and Sympathy
  • Sunflower
sunflower, flowers, and yellow image girl, sunflower, and flowers image
Adoration, Dedication, Love and Haughtiness

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