Hi lovely people,
I saw during these days this tag and I thought:"Why not it would be funny to do"... so here I am doing this.

A- Age

girl, balloons, and 16 image

B- Best movies/series
I think that my favs series are the 100 and teen wolf... my favs films are definitely Harry Potter, Fantastic Beast( I can't wait to see the second one) and Alice in the Wonderland.

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C- Current time
It's 22:17

D- Drink you last had

E- Every day starts with...
Me late because the previous evening I forgot to set my alarm...

F- Favourite songs
One of my favourite songs ever are Perfect and Happier by Ed Sheeran

ed sheeran image

G- Gross memories
I don't have any idea

H- Height
1,67 m

I- In love with...
My doggy, music, photography, books, travels, flowers, sunrise, sunset and the sea

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J- Jalous of...
Who can have the chance to travel all around the world

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L- Last time you cried
I think probaby two weeks ago

M- Middle name
I don't have it lol

N- Number (favourite)

Temporarily removed

O- One wish
Be able to travel all over tthe world

Image by Luana

P- Person you last texted
My friend

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Q- Question you are always asked
What colour are your eyes? Are they green or brown?

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R- Reason to be happy
Try to find the positivity in everything that happens in my life.

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S- Song you last sang
Gun song - The Lumineers

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T- Time you woke up
I usually wake up at 6:00/6:30 am beacause I have to take the bus

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U- Underwear color
Definitely black

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V- Vacation destination
I don't really know about that

W- Worst habit
Sometimes I start to eat junk food and chocolate and nobody can stop me

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X- X-rays you had
I had once in my life when I broke my finger

Y- Your favourite food
Obviously pizza...

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Z- Zodiac sign

Temporarily removed bull, stars, and taurus image