day 5; list five places you want to visit.

1. turkey

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i'm in love with turkey and the turkish culture, it's one of my dreams to visit it some day and live there for a while, actually, i'm planning to go there for college!

2. england

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again, one of the countries i hope to visit and actually stay in for quite a while one day, it's stunning and the english people are very nice and accepting

3. greece

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greece is very lovely, i hope i can go there on vacation one day

4. scotland

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ugh it's so beautiful take me there. pls. i'm desperate.

5. netherlands

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one of my relatives lived there for quite some time and whenever he'd show us any pictures, i can't help but be in awe of how breathtaking the country is.

that's the end of day 5. these places are so beautiful, i desperately want to visit them ugh.
anyway, stay positive! i'll see ya tomorrow