This is my first article and I thought the "this or that" challenge would be a good article to start with! I hope you enjoy.

Dog or Cat?

BOTH. I love both!

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I actually have a cat and a dog.

Netflix or YouTube?


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I feel like there is such a huge variety of things to watch on YouTube so you never get bored. Netflix is great too though!

Ice Cream or Cake?

Ice cream.

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I just love ice cream.

Music or Audiobooks?


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Music is just magical, but also I prefer to read a hard copy of a book rather than an audiobook!

Pop or Indie?


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I listen to both but would probably lean towards indie.

Bath or Shower?


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There’s nothing more relaxing than a good old shower.

Text or Handwritten letter?

Handwritten letter.

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I don’t think I’ve ever received one but I love handwritten letters.

Amusement Park or Day at the Beach?

Day at the beach.

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Sun, sea, barbecues...

Train or Plane?


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Can anything beat the view of the clouds form a plane window?

Honesty or Other’s Feelings?

Other’s feelings.

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Obviously there is a balance. You should be honest as much as possible but avoid hurting others where unnecessary.

Coffee or Tea?


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Coffee is great too but there’s nothing a good cuppa can’t solve.

TV or Book?

Definitely book.

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I am guilty of being a huge bookworm!

Ocean or Mountains?


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They are just so beautiful.

City or Countryside?

Without a doubt countryside!

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I’ve grown up in the countryside!

Winter or Summer?

Winter! I love the wintertime!

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Winter is just so cozy it makes my heart happy! Not forgetting the fact that it’s Christmas time too!

Classical Art or Modern Art?

Classical art.

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I love the detail and style of classical paintings.

Sun or Rain?


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I think that rain is the most beautiful thing ever. Nothing makes me happier than the rain. I just adore rainy weather!

Sunrise or Sunset?


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Both are beautiful! However, sunrises mean a new start. Sunrises makes me feel fresh, optimistic and powerful.

Early bird or Night Owl?


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I like to go to sleep late and wake up early, which isn't the best combination! I love how quiet it is both in the morning and evening.