Like all girls, I already have a bunch of baby names in mind. Here are my favorite ones for my future kids!

Genevieve "Ginny"

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Since my name is Anastasia I also want my daughter to have a princess like name, but also have a cute nickname. Mine is Asia and hers will be Ginny.


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This is my favorite boy name. I really like the out going, wildlife, safari type of names. Sort of like Indiana Jones, which honestly I could consider naming my child Indiana.


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Luna I feel like is a very pretty, smart girls name. I associate it with the moon and pink.


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Quinn I see as a very nature loving and artsy person. I could see Quinn for both a boy or a girl, but I am leaning towards boy more.

Those are the baby names I really like and hope I use in the future. Thank you for reading, xoxo Asia