i am no movie critic. this is simply my opinion!
the origin of the world-famous circus, Barnum & Bailey Circus.
the story tells of P.T. Barnum, a man with a great imagination and dreams he shares with his wife, Charity.
through the story of his childhood in the beginning, his father becomes ill and passes away, leaving him homeless on the streets and he resorts to stealing bread, but a woman with a facial deformity offers him an apple.
when he is older and finds himself with a lame, not-alive museum, it is when he picks up an apple and remembers the act of kindness from an "abnormal" person, that he thinks of a grand idea.
he gathers unique persons, who were considered freaks or outsiders, and puts on a show.
it quickly becomes a hit, but there are still townspeople who despise the display of abnormal people.
the circus becomes a home to these unaccepted outsiders, and they become a family.
a story of inspiration, empowerment, and accepting yourself and others for who they are— and being completely unashamed.

i absolutely loved this film.
i had wanted to see it in theaters, but never got to it— but everyone i knew absolutely raved about it, and more specifically, its soundtrack.
when i finally bought it and watched it, i was a bit hesitant simply because i was afraid it wouldn't live up to the hype and perhaps i had set my expectations too high.
but honestly, it surpassed those expectations.

from beginning to end, everything flowed and tied together flawlessly.
it's a movie filled with inspiration and empowerment, and the solid, clear message of being yourself, and being unashamed of who that is.

every musical number is so deep and meaningful, it's hard to not feel the music and lyrics in your heart.
the entire film is very detailed and thought through, and the ending is one of the most wholesome, wonderful endings i believe i've ever seen.

not to mention how authentic and real the acting is. between hugh jackman, zac efron, zendaya, keala setlle, and michelle williams, the entire cast is electric, authentic, and powerful.

the theatrical elements are breathtaking, mesmerizing, heartfelt, and inspiring.

although i'm not a movie critic, i firmly believe this is a cinematic and theatrical masterpiece.

on one hand, i wish every movie was as wholesome and beautiful as The Greatest Showman— but on the other hand, it wouldn't make a great movie like this stand out and seem as wonderful.

so, if you want to watch a movie that will make you feel inspired, give you goosebumps, bring tears to your eyes and a smile to your face, and leave a warm, whole feeling in your heart— i would recommend The Greatest Showman wholeheartedly.


thanks for reading!

although i'm definitely not a movie critic, thank you for reading my review!
this is obviously now my absolute favorite movie, and if you still haven't seen it, please do! you won't regret it.
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