While practicing my magic I learned how to clone myself, so I decided to send my clone to school for me. I told you there are a lot of benefits to being a witch. There's this girl named Cadence and I have a crush on her. She wanted to hang out today so I decided to cut school. Everything worked out perfectly. We hung out at my house since my parents were at work. I dyed her hair a lighter blonde with my fingertips and I dyed my own hair a bit too. I got carried away and added blonde AND pink.

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I turned her dress a new color upon her request too and she thought it was the coolest thing ever. Yeaaah...she's human. My dad says to stay away from them and here I am showing her what I can do with magic. But, whatever. I don't regret it. When we hung out yesterday we kissed A LOT. Riley warns she's going to break my heart. I told Riley it's worth the risk. She calls me a tough flower. I think it's funny because it's accurate. "Let's dance," Cadence said, standing up from my bed. I turned on music and we had a dance party at 1PM. She looked even prettier with this new hair color. She grabbed my hand and twirled me. I laughed and dipped her. She smiled and kissed me. It wasn't long before we were intertwined with each other on my floor. Soon enough it was getting hot and heavy. Please don't come home early, parents.

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