Today I show you my favourite movies, but it is in German because I come from Austria and I don't know all of the English movie names.

A - A Quiet Place

movie and a quiet place image

B - Begabt - Die Gleichung eines Lebens

genius, movie, and gifted image

C - Captain America

captain america, Marvel, and steve rogers image

D - Doctor Strange

Marvel, doctor strange, and infinity war image

E - Eine Zauberhafte Nanny

quotes, nanny mcphee, and movie image

F - Fast and Furious

paul walker and fast and furious image

G - Game over, Man!

movie image

H - Hidden Figures

Temporarily removed

I - (The) Italian Job

the italian job image

J - Jumanji

jumanji and movie image

K - Killers Bodyguard

movie, ryan reynolds, and samuel l jackson image

L - Liebe Zu Besuch

2016, new, and nat wolff image

M - Men in Black

will smith, men in black, and memoria image

N - Narnia

narnia, lion, and gif image

O - Oben

aesthetic, balloons, and colorful image

P - Project X

project x, party, and movie image

Q - Quantico

quantico image
I know it's a series but I don't know a movie with Q.

R - Red Sparrow

Jennifer Lawrence and red sparrow image

S - Step up

Temporarily removed

T - The Imitation Game

movie and the imitation game image

U - (Die) Unfassbaren

Temporarily removed

V - Valerian

Temporarily removed

W - Wenn ich bleibe

if i stay, movie, and friendship image


Z - Zombieland

zombieland and zombies image