Every artist was first an amateur.,

I am one of those peoples who believes that anyone who has a soul and likes colours or the simple thought of creating something beautiful is capable of art. Now, of course, some people are better than others at it, but the main idea stands, and to create something beautiful you don't need to be an artist.

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For me, drawing and painting has always been an escape, but I'm not one of those people to throw themselves into the mist that art is without learning some technique and tricks first, which is why I've subscribed myself to several art channels around youtube, so... here they are.

1. Nadiaxel

If you want to get into digital art or you're a beginner, then she is your introduction. She has made some amazing reviews about products from different brands for digital artists and her tutorials don't only help you become a better artist but also to move around graphic design tablets and programs.

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He is beauty he is grace, he knows his way around graphic design and digital art and has many tutorials on how to draw specific things such as water, glass effect, feathery effect... he has all those sweet editing tips you need to succeed and to have fun while drawing.

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3. Sam Lennox

I really like her videos mosty because she is not afraid to show her mistakes and her progress through videos while exposing her art and giving us a tour of her sketchbook.

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4. Kelogsloop

He is the king of Watercolour. If you're ever feeling like getting into watercolour, then you should check out his channel because he does things that I didn't even know a human could do. He creates an incredible range of colours and I like that his strokes are really soft.

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5. Laovaan

Aside from getting amazing speedpaint sessions and great watercolor tutorials, Laovaan can also give you tips about what's it like being an art student and what exactly is it all about.

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And that's basically all there is. There are many amazing youtube channels, filled with artists who have skills, so just by typing in the word 'art' you can already access that world.
- Dahiandra