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welcome back to a new article. With summer coming up and temprature already rising ( at least where I live ;p ): today I'm going to talk about fun things to do in summer ( or spring, whatever haha ) with friends or maybe family if you like. Also, let me know if you like this quote lettertype better than the regular lettertype i've been using. Just trying out some new things! You can always send me a message. Now let's start the article, I hope you enjoy x

1 Go on a picnic

I'm actually going picnicking with friends this thursday! I've done it a few times before and it's so much fun, especially on hot summer days. Here is a little packlist to get you started:
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- basket/backpack to take the things you need with you obviously.
- a rug to sit/lay down on and put your food and drinks on.
- food ofcourse! I like fruits ( blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, watermelon ), maybe a baguette and some cheese or herb butter is really good, or if you wanna go really crazy: buy some mini pancakes and Nutella ( I promise it's really good, ecspecially when they're cold ).
- drinks are a must! Escpecially when it's sunny it's important to stay hydrated and you'll get thirsty. Just take some water in a big bottle and you can always buy or make a delicious smoothie!
- if necessairy: take some plastic bords, cups and cutlery with you to pour the drinks in and eat the food with/on.
- magazines, board games: basically anything entertaining you like to do with friends.
- a music box is a lot of fun to play your favorite tunes and get into the summer mood or listen to some 2012 hit songs to sing along ;p.
- ofcourse don't forget your sunglasses and sunblock ladies! No explaining needed...

2 Go on a trip

You probably have to be a bit older to do this or have permission from your parents but if you can you should try this! It doesn't even have to be a trip to a different country or something, you can always find a place/city nearby that you've always wanted to visit or that you are curious about, it can even be the beach or the nearby cafe ( I know that's not really a trip haha, the point is that you go somewhere new and fun ).You get to spend some time with your friends, you get to discover a new place and you get some independence wich is always great right?
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3 Take cute pictures!

Are you just like me and totally out of pictures to post on your Instagram profile ;p? Than this is the perfect thing to do. First of all: it's so much fun! You get to be creative and spend time with your friends looking for cute locations and picture worthie moments. Second: you even get to enjoy the moment after it has already happend. At the end of the day when you open your cameraroll you basically get to re-live the fun moments you had! And then the best part: edit your pictures and post them on your social media profiles to make everyone completely jealous of your beautiful smile and fun times your having ;).
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This is the end of my article, I hope you enjoyed reading it! Don't forget to give it a heart if you did, I really appreciate it. I hope you have a great summer,
xxx mickey
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