Hello My name is Ameni, I'm 17 years old and live in Sweden. Here are a some facts about me


I listen to music all the time, the artists i love are:

Demi Lovato
Ariana Grande
Taylor Swift
Ed Sheeren
Sam Smith
5 seconds of summer

and many more


I would rather watch a TV show than to watch a movie but my favorite movies are:

White chicks
Mean girls
She's the man

Basically chick flicks

Modern family
Pretty little liars
Gossip girl

friends, food, and banana image pretty little liars, pll, and drawing image gossip girl, xoxo, and quotes image Image removed

Honestly all i do in my free time is check Instagram and then watch netlix and Youtube. It's not healthy i know but i love it lol
I also love to write, i write a lot. I literally write about everything

Fav youtubers
Merrel twins
Ryan Higa
Alisha Marie

and many others

Fav subject in School
bussines class
Law study
lunch lol

I do well in school but i still don't like it

I'm very sarcastic and a lot of people don't get my "language"
I'm very spontaneous and likes to do things but would rather stay at home and watch netflix and avoid other human beings lol
I'm a honest person, and will most likely tell you my honest opinion about everthing

I love to help people, seeing others smile and knowing i'm the reason makes me very happy..... so now i'm just waiting for karma to pay me back lol

So if you want to be friends just message me!! :)

Follow me on instagram @amenifathallah link in bio <3