My phone went off in the middle of class. Thankfully we were watching a video so it went unnoticed. I looked at it inside my pocket and turned it on vibrate. I was mortified. The text was from Ivy. It read, ^ wtf is this rumor about u and levi ^ my phone vibrated a second time. ^ answer me ty ^ I was fuming. Mason opened his fucking mouth. I knew he fucking would. ^ don't worry about it babe. some losers are jealous of me ^ I was going to deny this and turn it back around on them. No one's going to fuck with me like that. I'm dating Ivy. I'm not gay. Levi came onto me and started taking my clothes off. He groped me first. I never kissed back. Fucking freak. They'll all believe it. I was going to kick his ass as soon as I found him. ^ this is bad. everybody's talking about it and it was only posted 30 min ago ^ Ivy texted back. She was making me feel worse. ^ i'll handle it ^ I managed to reply before the bell rang. I grabbed my books and shoved my out way out of the classroom first.

Mason had a class down the hall and he was going to be greeted with a broken nose. He walked out of the classroom looking like he was in a daze. I grabbed him by his collar and slammed him up against the lockers. "You'll fucking pay for what you did you piece of shit," I spat in his face. A crowd started to gather with their phones. I dropped him. "Wtf is wrong with you, dude?!," He said, fixing his shirt. It pissed me off even more that he was going to pretend he didn't know what was going on. He was the only person who saw what happened. I punched him so hard in the face he fell to the floor. I heard people cheering me on. I wasn't done. I sat on his chest and continued to punch him. "Stop, Tyler!," Ivy screamed. She came running over and tried to pry me off him. It didn't work, so teachers had to get involved. Next thing I knew I was in the headmaster's office with a bloody fist.

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