1☛ french people wear berets

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I've been living in France my whole life and I've never seen a single person wearing a beret.

2☛ all french people love to eat frog's legs and snails

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Some of us do but the majority of french people don't even eat or try it. Personnaly, I've never eaten frog's legs or snails and I don't even want to try.

3☛ french men are the most romantic people in the world

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Uhm... yeah no. I think romantic men don't even exist in this world. Okay maybe there's still a few people but french men are really not romantic. Really.

4☛ french people smell bad

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This stereotype is kinda strang because France is the country of perfumes. Anyway I can assure you that french people shower at least once a day.

5☛ french people are rude

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I think people think that because most of them came in Paris and yes parisians are rude but french people in the north or in the south are very kind and friendly!