Hi! Ferrari from The Neighbourhood is one of my favorite song ever. So as I did with Sweater Weather here are some lyrics of this song that I associated to the signs. Enjoy 🖤


'' I want it now, I want it loud, I want it my way
But everybody doesn’t fight like that ''

danger, neon, and aesthetic image girl, boxing, and fitness image lips, smoke, and bullet image Temporarily removed


'' Don't tell me about mistakes
And make the same ones I have made before ''

cake, mistakes, and pale image blue, pastel, and aesthetic image water, beach, and pastel image mistakes, quotes, and text image


'' We're on earth to break each other's hearts ''

Lyrics image heart, broken, and sad image black, break up, and broken image love, couple, and hug image


'' When I'm too far from you
I look at the stars, do you?''

amazing, awesome, and beautiful image glow, night sky, and space image sky, stars, and clouds image bands, music, and the neighbourhood image


'' You treat all the rules like you're the queen ''

aesthetic, pink, and quote image Inspiring Image on We Heart It crown, diamond, and expensive image Image by Cris Figueiredo


'' You've got enough pain for both of us
I've got all these things I'm focused on ''

hands, aesthetic, and art image Abusive image colors, gay, and lesbian image blue, hands, and man image


'' Don't say you love me more
Better not say it ''

band and quote image neon, heart, and light image black, sadness, and weheartit image rose, bath, and aesthetic image


'' I met her at church
But she could be satan ''

quotes, satan, and church image Devil, aesthetic, and shadow image Inspiring Image on We Heart It art, beautiful, and black and white image


'' You’re the flame I use when it gets dark ''

rose and fire image fire, girl, and orange image Image removed flame, indie, and candle image


'' I want a new yellow Ferrari from the nineties in the driveway
But I know that you wouldn't like that ''

classic, ferrari, and park image ferrari, text post, and the neighbourhood image Image by Nina car, yellow, and kessel image


'' Don't tell me about the rules and break them ''

album, bands, and ferrari image August, autumn, and badass image sky, friends, and grunge image grunge, aesthetic, and alternative image


'' You and I are two oceans apart ''

blonde, blue, and crown image Image by RAQUEL💕 magic, meeting, and oceans image Image by c h a r l o t t e

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