I'm doing the Get To Know Me Challenge created by @TypicalGirl48.

The last day guys. OMG we/I did it. Holy moly. After a long time I got to writ the last article. I didn't wrote fully 30 days I skipped some cause I really din't know what to write.
I jut wanna shout out to you and thank you for you reactions and your messages.
I was really happy to see that some of you could actually relate to me, myself, what I wrote. You Know.....
Ok enough with that lets get to the actual part.

List 10 things you would hope to be remembered for

1. For my music

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I rally hope that some day I will stand on a stage and everyone can hear me singing my soul out

2. For my "opinion"

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I just can say to everything something and it's more like I want that people hear me out and listen to what I say than remember it

3. My thoughts /songs

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Some time ago I started writing songs and these are just me , my thought, feelings and soul.

4. My dump (but still really funny) decisions

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I do really much stupid stuff, sometimes I am really glad that I can't remember but some of these things I want to remember ten years later and lough with old friends about it

5. A good daughter

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My mom and I fight a lot but I still love her over all

6. That I mad a change in the world

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If I had the opportunity to change something in the world I would take it. I hope one day I can make this.

7. My forgiveness

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I forgive every person even If they don't deserve it. Hopefully people remember this and maybe think about the reason why I needed to forgive them

8. My caring self

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If a friend needs me I would do everything to help them. Mostly I can just listen but in the most moments, this is the thing you need. Just someone to tell everything

9. My funny side

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not many people know this side about me but I can be extremely CRAZY

10. Just ME

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I want that people remember me for me and not for someone I am not. That people see Who I am an remember that I'm more than just the shy little girl that kept for herself

One day.........

The other days :