hi! my fifth article coming up! this will talk about some items/products you should spend your money on and if it helps you in something. some stuff will come from my own experience too. i hope you will like this article as much as i do :)

let´s start!

  • clothes. the best thing you can do is to buy good clothes you will wear, in good colours and made from nice material. it doesn´t have to be expensive piece, it can be a pretty blouse from normal store in your local mall. i bought one amazing sleeveless white blouse with flowers in h&m store for only sixteen euros, and honestly, it was the best buy ever.
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  • makeup. buy the makeup you want and be careful. always check your shade, otherwise you can end up like me, two shades darker face than the neck. never worn the makeup since. also, invest money into the skincare, sunscreen, lip balms and creams. i think glossier lip glosses are super cute and amazing and i am currently thinking on purchasing one :)
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  • shoes. invest into the shoes you´ll wear and they won´t stay in your closet forever. you wear heels often? buy heels. wear sneakers often? buy sneakers. since i don´t like wearing high heels that much, i bought vans sneakers recently and i am in love. the best spent money in god knows how long.
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  • books! books are eternal, they´ll stay even after us. buy all the books you love, whether you´ve just read the excerpt only or saw a cover only. books are amazing and everyone should have their favourite books displayed somewhere. books are one of the best things you can invest to.
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  • your nails. get them done to some good lady who knows something about the nail art. i´ve got my nails done couple times and they are amazing, very pretty, long and very cheap, fourteen euros only. the best thing about artificial nails is they are strong and you don´t have the dilemma what to paint your nails every week. do it. it´s amazing investment :)
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  • musical instrument. learn how to play guitar, piano, flute, violin, organ. it may be a little more expensive, buying the instrument and then taking care of it, but once you learn how to play it, your life will be a little bit better. music is wonderful, no matter what genre. it´s the best thing you can listen to.
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  • learn a new language. this will not just make you cooler, it´ll pushes you further. more languages = more opportunities. i´ve been studying english for eight years and i can say my english is on amazing level. i can talk, write and soon, if everything will work out, i´ll be doing an international language certificate. so, use your money into this. you can sign up for a course in the language school, download duolingo or just read, watch and listen. it will be mindblowing experience.
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  • music streaming service. one word: spotify. the best thing ever. access to all the music, albums, singles, playlist radio, personalized suggestions, everything. either a shuffle mode, or the premium one. i´ve had the premium one since january until the end of march for ninety-nine cents and it was heaven. spotify is the best investment when it comes to music apps, i can say. and even though the premium version is a bit expensive, seven pounds/month, it´s wonderful and really good to have.
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this is probably all i wanted to tell you. i really hope you liked the reading, please let me know :) have an awesome day!
lots of love,
mishie :)