let's talk about tv shows....there are so many awesome tv shows i can't keep up. between all these streaming platforms, the last 3-5 years television has been exploding. netflix in particular has been killing it with their originals. so to kick things off with my first tv show post, here are my top 10 favorite nextflix original tv shows. (in no particular order)

1. The Santa Clarita Diet

couple, santa clarita diet, and drew barrymore image
this show came out of nowhere and it got me! super funny but also kind of a sweet family dynamic.

2. Love

2016, comedy, and mickey image
this show is great. it totally demonstrates how real life relationships are. it has humor, heartbreak, and love.

3. Stranger Things

stranger things, millie bobby brown, and finn wolfhard image
of course this is on my list. this show is just amazing! it is so visually stunning and the relationships are wonderful. not to mention all the kids who do an incredible job.

4. The Greenhouse Academy

netflix, greenhouse academy, and finn roberts image
this show totally took me by surprise, but now i'm hooked. i can't explain it but there is just something about this show that i absolutely love.

5. Master of None

netflix, aziz ansari, and noël wells image
although i have not watched season 2 yet, season 1 was awesome. so i expect nothing less.

6.Everything Sucks

tyler, netflix, and mcquaid image
i had a slow start to getting into this show. but it worked itself out. very great representation of high school in the 90's. the final episode ended a bit abrupt but i am hopeful for a second season.

7. Grace and Frankie

netflix and grace and frankie image
even though this is a show about two 70year old women and their gay ex husbands...it's still great. i still have to watch the final season but the first three i blew through.

8. Orange is the new Black

orange is the new black, oitnb, and vauseman image
i kind of took a break from this show. but it is another obvious choice. none the less it is still a very well done show and i need to get back with it.

9. A Series of Unfortunate Events

A Series of Unfortunate Events, gif, and Violet Baudelaire image
this is a hard show for me to get through because of those poor kids. but the costumes are wonderful and neil patrick harris is awesome as count olaf.

10. Big Mouth

Temporarily removed
what a wonderfully vulgar representation of pre-teens going through puberty. i only just started watching this, but it is hilarious! what a great way to remember those horrible moments and the awkwardness of growing up.

there they are folks, my top 10 favorite netflix originals. of course there are so many to choose from, and so many other shows that are not made by netflix. tell me, what are some of your favorites? are any of them on my list as well? thanks for reading...more to come.