Hello my beauties, today I wanted to do the tag "My name in colors" and no, nobody tagged me, but I'm a rebel so I'm going to do it anyway haha.

Hope you like it,

  • Mariana

1 | Maroon

Temporarily removed art, red, and paint image

2 | Amaranth pink

Temporarily removed pink, tumblr, and blue image

3 | Rose gold

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

4 | Iceberg

crystal, wallpaper, and purple image blue, celine, and tumblr image

5 | Almond

fashion, style, and white image aesthetic, book, and beige image

6 | Navy blue

stars, quotes, and night image blue, ocean, and navy image

7 | Antique white

girl, dress, and vintage image book, flowers, and vintage image