I had a very important presentation in school today.
It went surprisingly well!
I was able to be confident and to talk loud infront of my whole class with all of them watching me, even without being nervous or scared!
I just stayed confident!

I know for some of you that might be nothing special, but for me it is.
Because there were times, when I would have litteraly died in that situation.
And I actually mean two months ago.

Back in the day, I would have became so fucking shy, but today (oh also at my other presentation yesterday) I stayed myself, 100%.
I'm just proud of myself!

I thought, it will never change but it did...
So if you are also dealing with being afraid of talking infront of people, just try to not think about it too much and just do it, in the way you want, in the way, which feels right for you!
If you stay yourself, there will be no other chance than being succeesful!