1 Forest
- to stay focused

2 Babylon
- to help you learn new language

3 Ted talks
- great influence on how we think and behave

4 pomodro timer
-The pomodro technique is popular time management method in the late 80's .It's really simple. you break down your work into 25 minutes intervals separated by short breaks .

5 Brainly Homework help and solver
-get home work answers and explanations for math ,physics ,history , SAT and more.

6 study music memory booster ; ( FOCUS AND LEARN )
Best free music app for studying , reading and concentration .

7 Formula deck
- formula deck helps you learn and revise formulas quickly .

8 khan Academy
- you can learn anything for free over 10,000 videos and explanations at your finger tips in math , science , history and more.

9 study helper - phone locker
-This application blocks all obstruction while studying

10 Daily check : routine work
the simple and easy to use daily routine management app Roubit

study, medicine, and studying image