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Today, I'm going to share with you guys my favorite songs (as of right now) in alphabetical order.

P.S: I did have to discover new songs because I didn't have favorites that belonged with all the matching letters.

  • B: Bringing The House Down - CLOVES
  • C: Call it Fate, Call It Karma - The Strokes
  • D: Don't Want to Be Yours Anymore - Sam Valdez
  • E: Empty - Olivia O'Brien
  • F: Fool - Cavetown
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  • G: Ghost: Halsey
  • H: Heartless - Madison Beer
  • I: I Have Questions - Camila Cabello
  • J: Jerome - Zella Day
  • K: Keep On Loving You - Cigarettes After Sex
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  • L: Let Me Touch Your Fire - ARIZONA
  • M: Mountains - Message To Bears
  • N: Nervous - The Neighbourhood
  • O: Ocean Eyes - Billie Eilish
  • P: Prune, You Talk Funny - Gus Dapperton
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  • Q: Quit - Cashmere Cat (Ft. Ariana Grande)
  • R: Rush - Adriana Proenza, (Ft. M.R.L.N)
  • S: Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You - Arctic Monkeys
  • T - Throne - Bring Me The Horizon
  • U: Unforgettable - French Montana (Ft. Swae Lee)
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  • V: Volare - Vazquez Sounds
  • W: Waiting For - Old Sea Brigade
  • X: X - Nicky Jam, J Balvin
  • Y: You're Somebody Else - Flora Cash
  • Z: Ziggy Stardust - David Bowie
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|Thank you guys for reading this far, I hope you like all or even some of the songs on this list, until next time lovelies!

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