I am going to tell you something about life. Your life.

No one is great, we all have this piece of madness. But saying we are nice and perfect to everyone is better than saying that we are a fu***** liar. Being a liar is more easy than saying the truth because we don't trust the famous " Eveyone will know the truth." And it is true, because we all know the truth one day, even you won't like it.
The big love is unreal, Tinder and many idiocy replaced that. I want to be on the 1800s when falling in love was real.
Hawkings said that robots will control the world. Soon. And I trust him. We are too lazy, we need the help of a robot to do the usual housework. Or we don't have time.
Be yourself because there are nothing better than that. No one would and could. And if you love someone, tell him ( or her ). You don't know what she (or he) would say.

Try to enjoy your life.