hey i saw many people doing this and i decided to give it a try!


♥ | Adventurous

Image removed Temporarily removed fire, aesthetic, and grunge image vintage, carnival, and girl image
always ready to explore and experience something new

♥ | Sentimental

Temporarily removed girl, cigarette, and smoke image brown, eye, and eyes image adorable, drama, and iphone image
influenced by emotional feelings

♥ | Turbulent

Abusive image Temporarily removed Abusive image cocaine and drugs image
sensitive to stress, always full of confusion

♥ | Rude

Temporarily removed Abusive image Mature image Temporarily removed
not polite, offensive most of the time

♥ | Imaginative

aesthetic and cigarette image Temporarily removed cigarette, grunge, and bird image Temporarily removed

♥ | Dangerous

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Abusive image grunge, aesthetic, and dark image
cool and sexy, but in an almost rebel kind of way

i tag this people to do this challenge