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Today I'll be writing the #ImperfectionTag. It was created by Caylie, and I was tagged to join this by Trish. You can find their beautiful articles and WHI accounts here.

Now, lets get started.

1 | what is your definition of perfection

Perfection is accepting imperfection. It's learning to exist with flaws, plus embracing them everywhere around you. It's being okay with not having control over everything. Real perfection doesn't exist, so don't go looking for it. The only perfection you can find, is the one you've learned to accept. The one with both good and bad.

2 | do you fear perfection (why/why not)

I don't fear perfection. I fear not being able to find inspiration and motivation anymore. Achieving the perfection is impossible, but achieving your perfection can be possible. But even then, I still think there are ways to grow and learn more. Sometimes, you just got to see your own thoughts, situation, work or achievement from a different view/perspective.

3 | how would you imagine a perfect world

A perfect world to me would be an equal one. Every person treated the same as the other, no matter what skin color, gender, religion, sexual interest and so on. Secondly, it'd be a world in harmony, with no war, no harm, no hunger, no destruction of nature and no fear. It'd be a world filled with love.

4 | are you a perfectionist (why/why not)

I am, even though I know real perfection can't be achieved. It's just that I want my work to reach my perfection or better said my end-goal. On the other hand, if it isn't something I'm really interested in, I won't really care about it that much.

5 | describe a moment when nothing went as planned

The moment I thought university was going to be my new chance. My high school time didn't always went the way I wanted to, and as everyone else has or will learn one day, I've learned that not many people (or friends) actually stay. I thought that university was going to be my fresh start, and if I look back at it now I guess I just expected too much. I'm not going to write about the specific situations I was in, because I moved on from most of it now.

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6 | what is one imperfection (physical or emotional characteristic) you think you have (why)

I'm a procrastinator when it comes to working or studying for my classes/finals at university. Somehow, I need some pressure to actually get myself started. Plus, I know I can be a complicated person, emotionally. You won't notice it that fast, but people who know me really well, do notice it. I'm very bad at figuring out my own thoughts and feelings, that's why I don't talk much about them.

7 | what is one feature (physical or emotional characteristic) you love about yourself (why)

I'm an open-minded person that likes to learn more about people and life in general. There's not much people can't talk about with me, and I guess that's a positive feature to own.

8 | what are your thoughts on perfection

Perfection is an illusion, so don't try to achieve it. Your little imperfections are a part of who you are, use them as a power, not a flaw.

9 | when do you feel perfect

Even though the feeling mostly doesn't last long, it's when I'm with my parents, sister and little brother, joking around or having a great conversation. It's when I'm in a car, daydreaming while listening to my favorite music. It's when I'm with friends, the sun is shining, and we're all just having fun. It's when I'm on vacation, and I'm not only relaxing but also learning more about history and the world. It's when I achieved something I've been wanting for a long time. It's when I'm proud of the work I've done.

10 | how do you accept imperfection

By accepting that there's beauty in everything. Life doesn't always go the way you want, but use that as an advantage. Learn, accept and move on with an even greater you.

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